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Wraith was found on a scientific space station during a raid by Section 31 sanctioned ship The U.S.S. Geist under Captain James Charles Donovan, believing that the station was engaging in illegal and unethical biogenic and biogenetic warfare. Believed to be the prototype of a foot soldier for either infantry or infiltration his name of "Wraith" was the translation of the designation on the stasis tank. In the initial investigations of the stations records, they found he was made using Vulcan DNA as a base heavily modifying it to enhance his speed, strength, reflexes, and hand eye coordination using many techniques from different species like Denobulans and Angoshians. As a price of these modifications he has none of the Vulcans psychic capabilities and no immune system, the latter of which is over compensated by the use of reprogrammed Borg Nanoprobes giving him the infected appearance. Due to the Federations strict control over the nanoprobe tech brought back by Voyager, this implied that some how Starfleet had either been infiltrated at the highest levels or was some how involved making it a Section 31 priority.

Believed to be created as a response to the Jem'Hadar he was designed to imprint on a superior officer as a means of control rather than a inbred addiction or religion. Likely due to the Angoshian influence he remains docile and timid until the need arises to defend or attack in which case he becomes cold and focused.

Initially there were no plans to awaken him but during transit back to earth the ship was attacked causing the stasis unit to fail and he was moved to the medical bay where he awoke despite the efforts of the medical staff. As the ship's warp core had been damaged in the conflict he spent weeks on board interacting with the crew as well as imprinting on to Captain Donovan as if he were a father. Donovan having lost his own son to not to long before hand allowed the young augment to remain conscious for the trip to earth space dock under security escort. After the months of testing as well as repairs and refits on the Geist, it was decided that while they couldn't admit him to Starfleet, he was to remain on board the Geist due to his connection to Donovan as well as a means of keeping him under the watchful eye of Section 31.

While he has the appearance of a Vulcan in the early 20's he is really only around six years old and expresses a full range of emotion. He was in the stages of programming when the stasis unit failed so he has basic knowledge of many things but is still a fish out of water on board a Federation Escort. While many of the crew didn't accept him at first (partially for being an augment, Partially for looking like he was assimilated) he has managed to find friends as well as earns his keep as the assistant to the Chief Engineer Devon fine. He's even proven himself as a valuable member to the senior staff on both away missions and for his "unique" perspective.