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01-09-2013, 05:31 PM
afaik you will have to do the complete skill reset, not just push a few points left and right for the rep skills to reset.

but best try this out on tribble before you do it on holodeck.


at the time of posting i was not Tier 5 yet.

by now i am and yes, the unlocks are not exactly what i had hoped for, but this feedback about the actual *gameplay experience* if you can call it that, not about the more or less shiny items at the end of it.

overall some interesting replies in the thread, thx

@ Eppoh tagging:

if 5 minutes of Eppoh tagging (including travel time from ESD and back) gives 400 Romulan Marks (which translates to 8000 Dilithium!) then i would expect a half hour Mine Trap to give MORE than lousy ~50 or so marks.

the time invested vs. reward just doesn't fit here.

Eppoh tagging seems to me like it is the easy way out if you do not like any of the actual content, and personally i feel like i have CHEATED with the Winter Eppohs that supplied me with well over 1000 Rom Marks per character and pretty much completed Tier 4+5 for me without touching the PvE queue again.

And Mine Trap is FUN! (if you dont have AFK leechers or a fail group...)

I can only guess that the creators of Eppoh tagging were overly proud of their achievement to put a faction agnostic Targ Breeding game into STO and want everybody to love it so they put real high rewards in there.

IMHO it would be interesting to see how much Eppoh tagging would still be going on if it would reward, only 40 - 25 Romulan Marks for an Elder (which effectively would be a fair number).

And personally... i can only say why the hell should i care about Eppohs?
I wanted Targ Breeding! Targs are Trek! Targs are COOL, and only the idea of a combat Targ... WANT!
Eppohs...? those are the cute MMO thingy for the 13 year old girls.
I am REALLY NOT the target audience for this, and now that i'm done with Romulan Rep 5 you will not see me doing any Eppoh stuff again.