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01-09-2013, 06:20 PM
In my opinion there are simply too many kinds of participation for any scaling approach to work. Remember, we already have a system like that for Fleet Actions and it is infamous for rewarding Escorts above other ship types. Yes, it's exclusively based on damage, and one that also includes healing will be some improvement, but not enough. Just think about how many potentially valuable abilities there are that don't do damage or healing: FOMM, Sensor Scan, APB, just every damage resistance debuff in the game, SNB, Science Fleet and all the resistance buffs, Energy Siphon, all shield drains (shield damage doesn't currently count as damage), the list goes on and on. A scaling approach based only on healing and damage would penalize any build using these abilities, in many cases double penalizing it because it would boost the amount of damage and healing the other players could put out. Sure, you could add in another of these things, and another, and another, but I doubt that all of them would be successfully accounted for.

The much better solution would be a vote kick system. It allows the active players to remove the inactive ones, and even allows them to remove griefers. Now, it is theoretically possible for a group of 4 people to queue up together and kick all players added, but I doubt that would happen very much, there's simply no motive for that, unlike AFKing, and it doesn't even seem like it would give the amusement of conventional griefing.

Of course, a good Ignore system would be nice too, and would cover much of the problem.