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Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
I concede. Although, it any case, voicesdark's suggestion of putting engineering on said deck wouldn't work anyway.
Haha as I said it was a maintaince deck, like the one Riker fought the Reman Voiceroy. Minus the mysterious chasm of death, of course.

Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
As promised, I've cobbled together a rough mockup of the Turbolift UI - I got lazy and only did the Intrepid class (MSD courtesy Eleanor Davenport of
That's fairly good. But I imagine the art team would be tied up having to make MSDs for every ship. And outside of the official ones for the Intrepid, Galaxy, Sovereign, and the Defiant, they would be busy making one up for every ship.

Perhaps a simple Turbolift route map like we have with the Defiant Turbolift?

I could easily see them tie it to a map change scene, where while you are loading the next dead, you see the map move.

Originally Posted by kylelocke View Post
I'd like to see a functional holodeck and be able to purchase holoprograms and be able to purchase a 3D chess set or some other game from the Star Trek universe to play aboard ship. Another thing would be some variety in design for the mess hall, engine room and etc. maybe add an Excelsior bridge and Constitution class bridge skin from The Undiscovered Country? However more features would be nice to encourage people to use bridge view more often. Ability to personalise the ready room and captain's quarters.
I recall them wanting to do something with Holodecks a while back and tie it to Foundry missions, but that was a while ago.

And the Excelsior and ST6 Enterprise Sets is technically in game as the Prometheus bridge set. People forget that the Prometheus bridge set was a redress of the Excelsior bridge set, which in turn was the ST6 Enterprise set.

Change the colors, remove the carpeting, change the MSDs and presto.

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