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]As promised, I've cobbled together a rough mockup of the Turbolift UI - I got lazy and only did the Intrepid class (MSD courtesy Eleanor Davenport of
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That's fairly good. But I imagine the art team would be tied up having to make MSDs for every ship. And outside of the official ones for the Intrepid, Galaxy, Sovereign, and the Defiant, they would be busy making one up for every ship.

Perhaps a simple Turbolift route map like we have with the Defiant Turbolift?

I could easily see them tie it to a map change scene, where while you are loading the next dead, you see the map move.
I'd think that they'd have to make all those MSDs for the bridge display anyway. Still, it's possible that they could do it as part of a staggered release schedule (Start with basic dialog box, MSD-style maps only in C-store interior costume sets.

Also, I presume you're referring to this, BTW?:
(Ctrl-F5 if hotlink warning appears)

That could work as an intermediate solution (LOL at Deck 6), although in any case, either the MSD or the route map would need to be animated to justify being included in the window (not much point putting in a static banner graphic by itself).

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