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No to this...

ADD NPCS TO PVP... This idea KILLED pvp orriginaly.

First: 20s Spawn Protection, Canceled When attacking.
Second: EVERY Map needs 12 Spawnpoints. (6 per side)
Third: Spawning should be based on enemy proximity, not player proximity.
Fourth: Warzones need to be HUGE

Warzones should be large enough to contain 1 Quest,4 Objectives, 4 Bases, 1 Planet, AND atleast 30 KM^3 in Empty space. Bases are Player Faction bases. The capture of one severly decreases influence on objectives.

By doing that ur required to be aware of 8 objectives at once, adding depth and strategy.

& at ground pvp 1 shots. I learned from being 1 shot. I learned how I was being 1 shotted, and I used it, Now I can 1 shot.

why not just put a massive Q curtain (first encounter with Q TNG) infront of the spawn area which opens for 15 seconds every 30 seconds? and a bunch of turrets or mine field in front of that or maybe just set the spawns way far back with worm wholes that power you to the warzone either would work and while protecting you from being spawn trapped it also ensures you're spawning in groups plus if you're in combat while near you're mines you pull the mines with you which then get pulled by whoever is base raping you and to make sure you dont abuse them or hide behind them, you have 25 seconds from coming into proximity before you are vunrable to them you're self. if you don't leave the spawn area and miss 2 consequtive windows then you're AFK kicked and replaced by the next person in line to play who will receive any XP/rewards you earned including for the time spent in the warzone. because its full of borg you should get STF tokens for playing all loot goes to the winners top DPS/Top Objective/to Heal/repair first to click gets their choice of loot. but both sides still get STF token rewards based on performance just like an STF but in a more competetive way. and fleet vs fleet gets you Fleet credits but has to be full fleet team vs full fleet team but i suppose you cou could allow fleets to temporarly recruit from other fleets just for the warzone call it fleet exchange recruitment you're in with a fair share of the rewards just to que up and play.

PS if an enemy agros the mines by attacking you near them you're just dragging them along with you till you're out of combat but there armed to attack you're enemy only if that happens no 25 seconds they just return to normall position when you're safe

DONE! make it happen cryptic

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