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01-09-2013, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by nynik View Post
The idea behind his formula is to guage participation. What actions define participation? If someone sets another person on follow and engages a keyboard macro to repeatedly spam spacebar on target of target (who they are afk following)... are they then participating?

A player regulated vote to kick feature is the best option (with inbuilt safeguards naturally).
It would be better for the system to keep tabs on players. Anyone who is afk is automatically ejected from the event with a hour penalty. It would be set up so that a person can't just fly afk at the lowest impulse speed or do little participation. It's not a perfect system, but it's better than anything else out there for Cryptic to do. You can debate vote kicking til you're blue in the face but it WILL be abused the second PUG team members start having words with each other and someone gets booted for being an asshat. Of course I would enjoy seeing that happen, but it's abuse of the system nevertheless if the intent is solely to deal with AFK players. I could see the half retarded player who thinks someone is slacking and starts a chain reaction of agreements that the person should be kicked, regardless that no one else has been paying attention or whatnot. I could also see the elitist leading the way to vote kicking the weakest link of a group. Abuse at it's finest.

The point of anything they do is to stop people from leeching off the work of others. Whatever attains this goal is fine by me. I think simply implementing an ejection feature will surprise you at how well it works. People no longer can afk so they know when they enter, they have to play ball.

You also have to look at the reasons people afk. I guarantee you the most common if not the only reasoning for it is people who are currently busy and cannot afford to focus on the game, but they don't mind logging in anyway to piss around and leeching STFs because they're selfish. So, you eliminate their ability to leech and they simply won't do it anymore. Anyone who keeps trying past that point is probably RMT at best. I'm sure they use the dilithium to craft and make EC. If you know anything about how RMT works, you know they are more difficult to get rid of than a cockroach or spider infestation. They are real life leechers so they do the ingame leeching at all costs.

I do see the benefits of vote kicking, but I'm just being realistic. We need to get away from something that isn't going to happen and start focusing on ideas Cryptic will take seriously that harms them the least, financially.