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01-09-2013, 11:27 PM
Personally, my issues with PVP in space differ from most.

First, it's because the game revolves around the PVE aspect. And PVE is so easy you don't even really need Bridge officer powers to get through most, if not nearly all of the content going from levels 1-50. Quality of weapon also doesn't matter.

If PVE difficulty, and Strategy was actually ramped up so that it perhaps required full teams for some missions in the later levels you got, it would at least help teach team work. They also would have to give a better understanding as you level of what your Ship and Professions role is on a team in the PVE.. which would translate into PVP.

Then there are the Weapons in the game. You have So many Weapons, to a new player, it would be difficult to know which are the best to use at first. Especially if you go by DPS. I mean look at the comparison of DHC vs DC.. Same DPS, but VERY different damage. Sure we know it's because DHC's do the same DPS as DC's in the same time frame. But DHC's do their damage better, and faster then DC because it's more upfront. Which actually translates into higher DPS if you think about it.

Instead of just making weapons about their Damage, Each weapon probably should have gotten some other side effect as well beyond just Damage distance drop offs, or weapon power hogs.

Perhaps They should have done this:
all Weapons can use FAW, Beam weapons get better damage with it, or better Acc
All weapons can Target a subsystem, Beams are more accurate, with Single Beams being the most accurate.
All weapons can "Overload" but Dual beam banks deal more damage, and Single beams are more accurate.
All weapons can Rapid Fire, but Cannons get a larger radius, and are more accurate.

Then DHC's should have had a lower DPS. Since they are doing SO MUCH damage up front, especially because of the Staple for Cannons: Rapid Fire/Scatter Volley.

Not to mention Fireing Arcs could have been modified slightly. Perhaps DC's have a larger Fireing Arc then DHC's but smaller then single Cannons. Maybe the Arc should be:
Single Cannon 90
DC 60
DHC 30
At least it would help in keeping DC's on target in order to actually do their full DPS instead of being at the SAME arc as the better and more powerful DHC.

Another thing that bothers me, and it's more of a Game engine pet peeve really. Is that Space is 360 degrees. We don't even get close to that. We can't point the saucers of our ships up or down which leads to the "Circle Jerk" Cruisers and single beam based ships like to perform as a way to try to avoid Cannon fire.

The amount of Maps we have for PVP is a joke. Granted if you were to add up both Space and ground it might seem like we have a lot. But when you then separate those maps appropriately, you see how limited PVP really is.

Now, ground PVP is another beast all together. Honestly, as much as I don't like the ability to "one shot" some one in ground, I do understand it better since it is based on being a shooter. But yet as a shooter, we can't actually aim for body parts and do anything effective to others. Not to mention there really doesn't feel like there is as easy a way to defend from a one shot. It's almost as if Ground is the Exact opposite from space. Where in space, it's much easier to defend yourself. But on the ground, it's much easier to produce damage and harder to heal.

On the ground, in PVP, Tactical is King. Almost so much so that there is no need for an Engi, or a Sci. Sure a Sci can be useful. But it doesn't feel as much so. And yet the PVE is so easy, it can lead to many false assumptions once you start to PVP.

All in all the game was balanced to much around PVE. And making PVE too much of a Zerg fest. And it's so bad the new players are left with a false sense of power. Power that once they step into a PVP Arena, Cap and hold, or some other form of PVP, is suddenly stripped away, leaving that same player having to either sink or swim, with many deciding to just not bother.

There.. I've rambled enough and ranted my thoughts on why PVP is not as good as it could be. Sorry if it's not clear enough..

But come on Cryptic. Pick up the ball that is both STO and PVP, balance things better both in space and ground. Stop worrying so much about your Wallets and start improving the quality of the game. We all want STO to succeed. Other wise we wouldn't have spent so much money on the game when we did. And wouldn't be willing to do so in the future.
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