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01-09-2013, 11:58 PM
Fresh new experience from last night: I did the 3 old STFs and had 23 minutes left till the next cycle. I said to myself "Why don't I try HSE" for a change - it won't take more than 25-30 minutes." I've done Hive on normal and I've read all the guides....ok - done. After the loading screen disappeared and I warped into the battlefield, I got confused - no one in sight and many cubes, scattered into 2 big groups. I started to wonder where to begin I went under the lowest positioned Tactical Cube. 20 seconds later someone bailed out, so we're 4 now in a pretty messy situation - me, an Atrox captain (who was all the help I could get) and two others with beams, who I don't know what they were doing, but at least we're being a moving targets, so they were helpful in a way. I finished my cube and a second one after that, then helped the others with the third (they had it at 35% at the time), and we all did the forth ant the next group of...I think 3 Tac cubes. Next - the unimatrix ships - I had two unexplainable deaths while at 8-9 km. off the target. After that - the queen. That was the first time in months that I felt really frustrated - that thing doesn't even blink when you throw GW at it....and I had serious trouble escaping off her with Evasive Maneuvers.....somehow, we killed her and the total mission time was around 40-45 minutes. The best part - we never dropped her shields. Someone of the team thanked the rest for not bailing out....anyway, hats off for the three of them for not quitting midway.
So...some thoughts after the experience - the regular MACO set might be a better option, because of the gravion beam. Also....Direct Energy Modulation might not be a bad idea.


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