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01-10-2013, 12:16 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
With Season 7, obtaining a full ground STF set no longer automatically unlocks any costume options on its own (unless you had ALL 3 PIECES prior to Season 7's launch).

Once you have obtained all 3 pieces of gear (at least ONE of which was obtained via the Reputation System), you must then run the Costume Unlock project that will become available.

Successfully completing the Optional Objectives of "Infected," "The Cure" and "Khitomer Accord" on Elite will also make an additional Costume Unlock Project become available.

The associated Accolades used to grant both a Title and a Costume Unlock. Now they only reward the Title, and the Costume Unlock must be obtained via a Project.
I swear you guys you said that you were going to honor the old accolade for anyone who had a partially completed set.

A What made me think this even more was that after season 7 launched, my accolade list showed two MACO Commando (or whatever the one was that was to complete the Mk XII set.) One said I would get the costume+title, and the other said it was just to get the title. My list tonight, after reaching Tier 5 and gett my last piece completed one of the accolades (the one for just the title) and the other, even though it shows that Ive obtained the pieces of MK Xii is listed as in progress. I can provide pictures if needed.