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01-10-2013, 02:28 AM
Coward tactic. Hide behind pillars and snipe. An Engi with fab spec is also helpful, since mortars can be put in the prisons that you respawn in when you die, and then the Borg cannot fire on them, and your mortars can fire out.

As for tac, Fire Team is one of the more effective kits, since you can do a nice hunk of damage with ambush (get behind her, hit TO, BS, SF, Ambush, FOMM, and then hit her with a sniper shot, watch a bloody TON of hp/shield get smacked off in one go).

As science goes, I have no clue, not gonna lie.

Also a semi-competent team helps. And don't expect it to be an easy win. What is probably the worst is not the queen herself, but the Elite Tac Drones and Heavy Tac Drones she loves to spawn. And the Gorn Tac drone is more of an irritant than a danger, just hide and snipe and he can't do much of anything. But you basically have to use the coward tactic if you are unsure of your team's damage output.
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