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01-10-2013, 03:08 AM
You should stop complaining about the duration of maintenance. Do you know if there is a major optimization/update to the database?
Just imagine you would log in after the patch and all your hypos are gone, instead of them you've got a full MACO/KHG adapted ground-/space-set, or you would have got 100k more refined Dilithium... That would cause massive problems, since hypos don't drop from every enemy you defeat.
First one half of the so called Community complains: "Give us instant access to all veteran rewards, for going lifetime.", then the other half of the same Community complains: "I've earned 1000 Day membership, I want a special reward.".
Stop complaining, if it is enough for you, you could have the "Captains Table" for the real veterans, I don't want access to another dead social zone...