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01-10-2013, 04:22 AM

Really nice ideas, in an ideal world I'd like to see the actual episodic content differ depending on your choice of career. Rather than have every officer follow the same linear path through the game you could have unique perspectives depending on what career you follow. It does bug me that everyone HAS to be a tactical officer, just with different tools.

And I see the problem with the KDF too - it's hard to develop ideas for science or engineering officers when the KDF is (and indeed supposed) to favour brute strength and aggression. Because of this I think it would be better if the KDF had it's own career choices.

Tactical officers should be known as Warriors. They do the fighting, raiding and pillaging in the name of the Empire. They make sure the populations of new worlds stay in line by quelling uprisings or rebellions, they patrol the borders of the Empire and engage anyone they find.

To replace Science officers you have operatives for KDF Intelligence. They confuse and disturb the enemy with covert operations, assassinations and intelligence gathering. They work behind the scenes using the best technology the KDF has to their advantage.

And Engineering officers can be a Fleet Marshall of something. A focus on supporting the entire KDF fleet so the machine stays well oiled for conquest. They get ships back into the fight, they establish listening posts and staging areas, they gather resources and build new weapons. Their cruisers are the flagships for the Empire, and take part in massive space battles.

Just some ideas off the top of my head - it'll never happen of course since it would be too much work, but at the very least Crypic could make the daily/optional content more career specific.