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01-10-2013, 04:55 AM
In "Let's Play Star Trek Online - 42 [Faction Unlock]" you were looking at other missions you might play. A fair number of these offer a dilithium award, and dilithium will become increasingly important as you gain in rank.

1) If I had a Commander or Captain toon, I'd be taking Commander Makza's mission at the Ker'rat system. It's a good dilithium farm, and loot drops are plentiful. However, the mission is a three-way fight with both the Klingons and the Borg, combining PvP and PvE at the same time. You may not feel ready for PvP yet. It also isn't fast, because you have to play three cycles of it to get the dilithium reward.

If you go there, be sure to use your science officer's Hazard Emitters power. The Borg Cubes have a shield neutralizer weapon. They hit you with it, then all your shields drain away. When this happens, hit the Hazard Emitters power. It stops the shield netrualizer effect. Hazard Emitters will also put out fires caused by plasma weapons, which the Borg use.

Bbe sure to move all those anomalies currently in your inventory into the bank. If your inventory is full you can't pick up the loot drops. Even if you don't go to Ker'rat, you should put those in the bank. There's no need to carry them around in your pocket.

2) I don't know if you did dilithium mining in your prior incarnation, but the rewards have been steadily raised while you were away. A competent player with a good computer can now get 1000 dilithium from this mission. You also pick up anomalies at each of the 5mining sites. If you do this mission during a dilithium mining event, the dilithium reward increases by another 50%. It isn't exciting, but it's a fairly quick mission.

You would need a space suit. A used suit goes for 100 dilithium, but you can find Armored Environmental Suits in the exchange for under 1000 EC. They're in the personal armor category.

3) The exploration missions are another way to earn dilithium, if you know the trick. When you take any of them, from any NPC, also take Lieutenant Grall's mission "Explore Strange New Worlds". That mission and the exploration missions have the same objective, namely exploring 3 systems, so you accomplish them together. "Explore Strange New Worlds" gives you 1440 dilithium.

There's another layer you can add. Ambassador Jiro Sugihara has diplomatic misions for you called "Diplomatic Investigations". You can select a diplomatic investigation mission and an exploration mission for the same area. The diplo mission will count as one of the three systems you need to explore.

The diplomatic missions have also changed since you were last here. Back then the mission involved beaming to an unihabited planet, scanning five objects for whatever contrived reason, then getting 10 diplomatic experience points. Now you fly up to an inhabited planet, which will ask you to provide 10 of something. The planet will ask for provisions, medical supplies, or something else you can replicate if you don't already have it. This can get expensive if you do it often, but the reward is now 100 diplomatic experience points.

Note that you don't have to carry around these supplies either. If you have them in the bank, they will be drawn out to resolve the mission without any action on your part.