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01-10-2013, 06:15 AM
Like anyone does pvp any more.

Omega has a nice rate of fire. I think it's ideal for people who just want one forward torp they don't have to worry about much (no projectile doffs, etc.) It's also a great rear torp -- I ended up putting a Romulan torp forward and an Omega aft for a Breen ship.

More on topic, a Sci ship has a lot of tricks for stripping shields -- tachyon beam, tractor with doff. Combine with plasmas and you can both deliver hard hits against bare hulls and plasma burn even if shield is up.

I haven't played PvP in a long time, but I'd expect that plasmas aren't a bad idea because, again, plasma burn is handy -- and people have only so many Hazard emitters.
'Ha, I cleared your burn!'
"That's nice, eat 10 more torps."
'Ha! I had a second hazard emitter!'
"That's nice, eat 10 more torps."
'... dang it.'

With 3 purple DOFFS, I think the conventional wisdom was that 2 quantums were better than photons, but photons are better with less DOFFs/one tube.

Chronitons have a nice debuff element, particularly in pvp.

Never use transphasics. Ever. Until they overhaul transphasics, they aren't worth using (they do less damage in EVERY case than quantums).