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Like anyone does pvp any more.

Omega has a nice rate of fire. I think it's ideal for people who just want one forward torp they don't have to worry about much (no projectile doffs, etc.) It's also a great rear torp -- I ended up putting a Romulan torp forward and an Omega aft for a Breen ship.

More on topic, a Sci ship has a lot of tricks for stripping shields -- tachyon beam, tractor with doff. Combine with plasmas and you can both deliver hard hits against bare hulls and plasma burn even if shield is up.

I haven't played PvP in a long time, but I'd expect that plasmas aren't a bad idea because, again, plasma burn is handy -- and people have only so many Hazard emitters.
'Ha, I cleared your burn!'
"That's nice, eat 10 more torps."
'Ha! I had a second hazard emitter!'
"That's nice, eat 10 more torps."
'... dang it.'

With 3 purple DOFFS, I think the conventional wisdom was that 2 quantums were better than photons, but photons are better with less DOFFs/one tube.

Chronitons have a nice debuff element, particularly in pvp.

Never use transphasics. Ever. Until they overhaul transphasics, they aren't worth using (they do less damage in EVERY case than quantums).
Transphasics are excellent. No, really. Especially since the mines got overhauled with a bonus 80% shield penetration and the torps (including the Cluster torp) got overhauled with a bonus 40% shield pen. Console them up and put a Tactical captain behind them and they can really, really, put pain on the table. Mix in with Tractor Beam Repulsors (2 & 3, and remember to think about how you'll impact your team when you turn them on) or Gravity Wells and you get a nasty punch that ignores shields.

In fact, the Chel'Gret makes a fantastic Transphasic Torpedo boat.