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01-10-2013, 06:29 AM
I've done a few:

'You have to find someone in a blizzard.'
There is an object you can interact with that will do one (and only one) thing:
Lessen the storm, making it lots easier to see.
Improve scans, making it easier to get popups that you are close (and, eventually, a nav point)
Communication burst, giving you other information.

At another point, you have an objective 'capture this ship.'
Early on, you have another three choices:
Stealth (most enemy ships become non-combatants)
Scout (get nav beacons to your goal)
Information (goal gets a nav beacon plus other information)

Or you can ignore it and rush in.

The simplest way to have optional routes to an objective is removable walls:
You are in the dungeon of Plotz, you need to find the McGuffin of Doomz. The McGuffin is in a small room with four blocked entrances.
There are one of 4 outcomes to (stuff). Each outcome makes one of the entrances open up.

Another option, similar to earlier comment, is something like 'a huge map with an unmarked goal' where each optional will drop a nav beacon on your goal.