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01-10-2013, 07:33 AM
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So after collecting the 1000 photos I needed to get this ship I take it out for a spin with the best of the best that I have (antiproton cannons, the Maco MKXII set, tricobalt device (antiborg) MK XII Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedoes MK XI, Neutronium Plating X 3 granting 50% resistance against both kinetic and energy weapon damage, etc etc) I go into a standard STF with my stations set, play like I normally would and I die in the first five seconds without reason. One moment I'm at full health the second I'm down to 3% and I've been hit once. Power distribution dropped. In the same STF I died 8 times with this ship where with the Vesta or even the mirror universe Recon-Science ship I'd maybe die once normally.

This ship is supposed to be on par with the Dreadnaught for the most part according to the website yet it is HORRIBLY underpowered. I thought the Vesta was bad and no where near what they said it was but this ship is utter uter Shista.

I'm not happy right now that they wasted my time and my resources for such a poorly designed "warship". Even the Galor warship lasts longer than this thing and it's hull is 3000 points lower than the Ghet warship.

And now that I've been reading about the kinetic 360 weapon I'm debating quitting this game all over again. The developers are purposefully under powering weapons and ships for supposed game balance which is truly stupid.

that is possibly one of the lamest setups I have encountered. the problem is not with the breen ship, which is a magnificent craft when properly set up, but the problem is in fact your flagrant ignorance at expecting any ship to function properly with that garbage that you equipped on her.