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01-10-2013, 06:37 AM
First off, DHCs and turrets are a great mix for a Vesta, and its one of the perks of the ship... so don't listen to that tripe...

That said, I have not found an Aux cannon build worth using. No amount of torp/mine/whathaveyou or non-powered wep power weapons in the back there make up for the loss of your turrets. If you are going to balance wep and aux power to run both then you are losing the point of the aux cannons in the first place*. Give me some aux turrets and a beam of some sort and you will make a convert out of me, but until then my aux cannons just take up inventory space.

My build ended up not looking anything like I originally intended (as a Sci-scort pilot I was expecting to load her up with tac abilities and DPS like mad. Instead she became my CC superstar.)

front: quad cannons, Dual heavy cannon, DBB
rear: 2x turrets, KCB

Omega set

Aux bat, red matter cap, subspace field

eng: quantum phaser, assimilated module
sci: remaining vesta consoles, field generator, and either a hull-heal or plasma proc particle generator threat reducing console (I want the plasma proc but the vesta is so hull-light I keep the heal around instead)
tac: 4x phaser console

Pet as situation dictates, I'm still loving my perigrines, but am working to unlock my elite scorpions...

LT tac: Tac Team 1, Canon Rapid Fire 1
LT eng: EP2S1, Aux2Bat1
LtCom uni: EP2W1, Directed Energy Modulation 1, Eject Warp Plasma 1
Com Sci: Tractor beam1, Hazard Emitters 2, Transfer shield strength 3, Grav well 3
Ens uni: A nice little swap slot for whatver floats your boat... I tend to slot Polarize Hull 1... always nice to have.

3xTechnician Doffs (Lowers all boff cooldowns with use of Aux2Bat)
Gravemetric Scientist (chance to spawn aftershock gravity wells)
Tractor Beam officer (adds a shield drain to Tractor Beam)

Damage is really nice for a sci ship, its no sci-scort but its not meant to be. What I get is the ability to CC like no other.

*In theory a Energy Siphon build could make aux cannons/wep turrets work (Aux powered all the time, rears getting boosts from ES periodically, or if you were an ENG maybe using the same trick with EPS transfer? IDK I'm not an ENG)... but then you would be running an energy siphon build... yeah... I loved mine until it was ninja nerfed... I just doesn't knock shields out like it used to.

I also tried a system where I would aux power up front, and aux2bat on the rear attack pass, but it was cumbersome at best... and you still lose the combined power of a full on front face... meh... I keep toying but I'm still not a fan.

Edit: Hazard Emitters != polarize hull... sorry
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