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01-10-2013, 06:42 AM
Possible rant incoming but there's no exploding KDF ships to distract me so blame Crypyic:

I'd like the devs to spend some time fixing the bugs and texture problems that make the game look shoddy.

Along with obvious errors in some textures (Galaxy-X hull having a weird triangle on all but 1 texture) there's the long standing error with special shields not altering the nacelles on the Vesta or the ring on the Vulcan ship.

The KDF 1000 day ship doesn't show as extended during sector travel but should as it extends when leaving a system and contracts when entering. This hasn't worked properly since it was released.

What annoys me is these aren't rarely occurring errors or difficult to see; they are always there and would have been spotted if they'd been checked. Not extensive testing either. I spotted the Vet ship was bugged the day I got it as soon as I left the system. So why didn't a dev? With the texture problems these are so blatant they also couldn't have been missed if the most basic of testing had been done.

There are lots of other problems but these are the ones that whenever I see make me think the devs aren't taking as much care as they should be and not giving things sufficient testing.

Tl;dr please fix long standing texture bugs and errors, they make the game look bad