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Originally Posted by mixiplix777 View Post
this post is riddled with stupidity. do not follow that advice

all em power abilities bounce the same cooldown,

so taking 2 em weapons and 2 em shields means half of the abilities are wasted and never used. this is not efficient by any means. because as soon as you use 1 em to weapon or em to shields, the other 3 go into cooldown.

you need, 2x em power to shields, 1 em to aux (for healing), and 1 aux to structural.

if you feel you need to, take a direct energy mod and eject warp plasma. direct energy mod is capable is bypassing shields but at the cost of more weapon power. i have run a a mobius with em to weapons and direct energy mod and the dps output is staggering, how ever you are left with little survive-ability.

cruisers, even during broadsides, are not going to do super duper dps.

if you want to play dps, grab an escort and some cannons.

as for energy types and dps there is no substitute for disruptors.

the only ships to consider for dps role are

breen (4 dhc/4 turrets) is only 130 dps below a 5 tact console escort
fleet mvae (5 tact) - heavy damage, sort of brittle
mobius (only escort capable of duo sci or engi boffs)
jem hadar bug (5 tact)
fleet armitage (not normal armitage which is only a 9 console)
fleet tactical escort retro
blockade runner from steam.
fleet defiant (last resort)
NOT the fleet escort retrofit or the escort retro and their sub-par .7 shield modifier.

for best dps ability, you will want a 5 tact escort with 10 consoles total. accept no substitutes.

if you are intent on playing a cruiser, I might also suggest you acquire a ferengi d'kora, which is more along the lines of a cruise-scort when in battle mode, yet can still abuse cannons.
You do realize you put both Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit and the Fleet Defiant together right? They're the same thing ^^