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01-10-2013, 07:53 AM
Originally Posted by lordlalo View Post
They should specify in the notes that they're doing that; they can't sit there and claim they have common sense and expect people to be content with it taking 4 hours to correct 4 typos.

I personally don't mind the downtime, it can be down all day, I have other things I can be doing, but I just don't see the reasoning in not letting people know they're doing larger maintenance behind the seems, else they build a stigma of, well, laziness.

Every other mmo I've played does this (the last I know).
Ok, let's say they were running Debian-Sid/Aptosid (Linux) for some odd reason on their game-servers. You could expect a new kernel-patch at least once per week, gcc/g++ (C/C++-Compilers) updates and so on. Would you like them to merge all these updates to the Patch-Notes?
Even if they were only using Ubuntu, you would get Patch-Notes that would fill pages...

So please, don't complain about too less information about "what is done during this maintenance".

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