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01-10-2013, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by lordlalo View Post
They should specify in the notes that they're doing that; they can't sit there and claim they have common sense and expect people to be content with it taking 4 hours to correct 4 typos.

I personally don't mind the downtime, it can be down all day, I have other things I can be doing, but I just don't see the reasoning in not letting people know they're doing larger maintenance behind the seems, else they build a stigma of, well, laziness.

Every other mmo I've played does this (the last I know).
There could be any number of reasons it's down for four hours, but Cryptic isn't under any obligation to tell us why.

They could be attempting to fix an exploit, transferring the data to a new server, the data centre could be undergoing their maintenance and shutting off all servers for 4 hours, upgrading the database, pre-patching for the anniversary event, hardware maintenance, OS upgrade or even just ensuring the patch gets installed without a hitch.

The EULA does state clearly that they can take the servers down with no warning and keep them down as long as they like, we're getting notice that they're taking them down for an extended maintenance and that's more than they're obliged to do by the EULA.