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01-10-2013, 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by lordlalo View Post
They should specify in the notes that they're doing that; they can't sit there and claim they have common sense and expect people to be content with it taking 4 hours to correct 4 typos.

I personally don't mind the downtime, it can be down all day, I have other things I can be doing, but I just don't see the reasoning in not letting people know they're doing larger maintenance behind the seems, else they build a stigma of, well, laziness.

Every other mmo I've played does this (the last I know).

Basically people want PWE to spell out word for word every single line of code that needs fixing/is being changed. Because OMG we HAVE to know what you're doing, and if you don't tell us what you're doing then you must not be doing anything at all....

Yes, I'm sure that's what many players think. I've worked support for a large ISP for about 10 years, and that is EXACTLY what most users tend to think.

1 - If PWE would have to list every single fix/change in every single update, writing that down for you would take longer than the actual downtime. The added time to do all this would be calculated into the playing fees / ZEN costs, and you lot wil have something else to mope about.
2 - I dare say not a single one of you will actually READ the entire thing.
3 - Most complainers still wouldn't be satisfied, even if every single issue would be resolved.... they'd just find something else to moan about. It would take them some time, but they'll find something.