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01-10-2013, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by eaughoti View Post
Let's have a voting system that allows the the other participating players to designate the AFKer as hostile. If all the other players designate the AFKer as hostile he becomes a targetable enemy ship that you can destroy. Anybody destroyed by the other players receives no rewards for that mission.

I personally would get a lot of satifaction blowing them up

You already have a voting system, it is called warping out. And it works 100% of the time when you have an AFK person on your team.

Listen, I know you want your shiny for completing the STF. I know you want to play the STF on that character and you enjoy doing it. I know you don?t want to let your team down and you want to do your part. So, you are willing to work harder to get your shiny and theirs too. It?s okay, really. There is nothing wrong with that. The only part I don?t understand is why you want Cryptic to do something about it. If you complete the mission for the AFK?er then you support their behavior.
If I were Cryptic, then I wouldn?t do anything either.

For me, no way. I refuse to do for another player what they won?t do for themselves. It doesn?t bother me in the least to leave a team in a position where they can?t complete the STF to stop an AFK?er from exploiting me, game or not. If that toon gets time penalty, so what. I switch characters and keep going.

I know I am going to get flamed for saying this considering how unpopular this is. But I have to leave you with one question, which of us is doing something to stop it- the one completing the mission for them or the one stopping everyone from completing it?

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