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01-10-2013, 07:20 AM
I think given the size their farm must be, and given that they've had 2hr down times recently as well, this 4 hour period points to something other than just cache clearing, dirty memory purges and the like. I think the suggestion that there is some patching and updates going on under the hood at the OS/hardware level is most likely and none of that would really belong in the patch notes because, technically speaking, it's not part of the patch. Those notes list code changes to the game and it wouldn't be appropriate to list anything else. There are very good reasons MMO companies don't publicly disclose their infrastructure specifications.

Then again, it could be they had a late holiday party last night and so they scheduled the patch longer to make sure everyone necessary could manage to stumble in. (heh, I was still young and on the agency side in the late 90s, I remember how all that went!).

It *would* be pretty nice if there were more than one production environment, so at least the downtime wouldn't be as significant to the player-base, but either way. meh. don't care. I have work to do anyway. Happy not-STOing!

(oh my take on the bugs that are being addressed, since everyone is interested? Better some small issues resolved than none at all, thanks devs and others at Cryptic for doing even a little bit of work after the holidays!)
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