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01-10-2013, 08:31 AM
most ppl have said:

1. the jem'hadar attack ship sits alone at the top for dps

2. the 5 tactical consoles on the fleet tactical escort retrofit (fleet defiant) is close, or edges the extra rear turret of the breen. the linked spreadsheet seems to indicate that the 30% console buffs base dmg by 2-6% depending on power level.

3. all other ships either sacrifice damage due to being short 1 tac console, or have 5 tac consoles and terrible shield/hull.

what im kickin round is a playstyle question because i run a torp-less, beam-less cannon build. it makes the extra ensign tactical station useless. however, im not sure the extra tankiness of the patrol escort is worth losing the tac console.

i will probably go witht he fleet tac resto and just not keybind the ensign's ability in an effort to fully maximize the pew pew.