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Originally Posted by kiloace View Post
I love the monsoon class...could definitely see it being a 2409 style!
I like the monsoon class I have in the list of links, not the Fleet ops screen shot, is a design I enjoy.
Originally Posted by smokeybacon90 View Post
Out of that list the Courageous and the Proteus appeal to me the most.
Yeah, they're sleek, and the Proteus is designed as a slip space ship.
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If I ever see Yeager in STO though, I will probably quit.
Why? It's cannon, you see it in the back ground in DS9's opening.
Originally Posted by thay8472 View Post
Yeager and Dauntless are a maybe.. the rest are.. "meh"
besides... typhoon class please!
I actually dislike the design of the typhoon class, but then again, it's mostly because I feel they took the same design as the sovereign and added an extra pair of nechells to it. But hey, I didn't make this thread to find out what ship designs people hate, I made it to find out what they like.
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The Nebulas are all canon, just classified differently.
I would actually like to the Nebulas be released like the odyssey and the Multi mission science vessel. have three different nebulas each one it's own type, but each one is also a costume as well.
Originally Posted by eldarion79 View Post
The only video game ship is the Achilles and that is would be a no. The other ones are fan created and they are odd almost to the point of fangasm ships.
Actually, Remore, Hayden, Avalon, Phalanx, Proteus, Courageous, and Achilles are all game based ships, Remore, Phalanx, and Avalon are ships you see in the game/mod Armada 2 Fleet Operations. Proteus, Courageous, Achilles, and Hayden are ships that people have made and moded into Star Trek Legacy and the Armada games.
Originally Posted by lasonio View Post
lol people are odd, just because it's not what you like all of a sudden what a persons likes is odd or questionable or strange.

I hate pizza but does that mean that people who eat pizza are freaks or weirdo's?

I like sushi so does that mean that people who don't like it are crazy or lame?

I did not know that everyone had to like the same thing, to walk the same path, to wear the same clothes and to speak the same words to be considered normal. That's kinda a hive or a drone mentality don't you think? Lol, that to me seems abnormal.

But I know it's hard for some people to be themselves or to accept others, so if being a hater is who you are, be you, i won't knock it, just shine a bit of light on it so you can possibly see something you may not realize.

Individuality counts for something sometimes.
Thank you, I'm weird, we're all weird, odd, strange, and unique, that's what being individuals is all about. But hey, if you think some of those ship designs are strange choices, then please, feel free to add what you like to the list.