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01-10-2013, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by lolimpicard View Post
The Fleet Norgh and Hohsus are both quite decent, what really bugs me is the Fleet B'Rel.

It's a T5 ship, and what does it get compared to the ordinary B'Rel?
Hull like the Hohsus.
Shield power it has no use for whatsoever. The shields are offline 95% of the time.
An Engineering console, so better armor or an additional universal console - compared to the Hohsus 4th Tactical console and Norghs BOff ability.

The Hohsus also has a bigger crew complement.

Not sure if it's Cryptics plan to have T4 ships in the same class that are strictly better than the T5 ones.
I suspect it's just KDF getting screwed over once again.
You're quite right.

Not only is the fleet B'rel a joke, it is also getting nerfed (or got nerfed) along with the regular cstore brel.

Its a torpedo stealth ship and minelayer... yet they nerf mines to kingdom come. Torpedoes are weak vs shields (not accurate in trek) and cannot be spammed like energy and cannon rounds due to their own timers plus weapon buff timers.

IF... and IF... torpedoes were given the same rules as cannon attacks..aka high yield/spread functions over 10 seconds time and affects all launchers... then MAYBE torpedoes would be functional in the b'rel to a point where theyd be competitive with a from-stealth cannon run.