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01-10-2013, 09:42 AM

one of the major problems I see with the Reputation-System (Task-Force-Omega and New-Romulus) is "what should I do with all those marks when I finished the system?".
At the moment you have got only the options to turn the marks into Dilithium or requisition sets (if you do a 13 day grind for Dilithium for one complete one Mk XII space-set).

In season 6 we had the possibility to get Doffs for our EDCs, now I've got about 400 Borg-Neural-Processors and nothing else then Dilithium to get for them...

Now to the store unlocks: The costs for each item (Dilithium) are too high. For example: You can do the Requisition-Project for the Romulan Experimental Plasma Beam Array (15,000 Dilithium + a few EC) or you can buy Plasma Beam Arrays from the Store-Unlock for more then 25,000 Dilithium (so more then 10,000 additional Dilithium for worse weapons, just to be able to equip more then one on a starship).
Ok, on my Atrox with only 3 normal Beam-Arrays that's a minor issue, but an all-beam Cruiser those costs simply suck (your Dilithium out of your pocket).
I wouldn't mind if you would need Romulan-Marks to purchase items from the stores, but make all those items cost less (for example 10,000 less Dilithium per Romulan Mk XII Plasma Space-Weapon).

Another idea would be to make those embassy projects cost less Dilithium and require some Romulan-Marks instead (that would really give you a reason for continued Epohh-Tagging).

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