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Originally Posted by mixiplix777 View Post
dps on that build is sub-par, simply because of the torpedoes

plasma is ONLY worth while with the embassy console in place, and then it still is only equal to other weapons. by the time the torps reach the target it should be dead before then.

the adapted maco shield drops 10% resist all energy and 5% absorb compared to the original maco shield.

xii dhcs with acc/2xcritd and turrets with acc/2xcrith offer far more dps than fleet weapons. fleet weapons are essentially a waste of dilithium before elite fleet.

2 tact teams, 2 atpbs, scatter 3, scatter

2x empts, 1 aux to struct

tss1, he2, grav well

4 polarized disruptor dhcs
4 polarized turrets

omega deflector, engine, maco shield (not adapted)

tackyokinetic console, borg console, rom console
rule 62, isometric, 30% field gen.

4x 30% coils.

2 cannon doffs, 1 hamlet, 1 torosek, and 1 other doff of your choice (i like grav science)
Meh, Its personal preference and I've always felt that higher Base DPS trumps crits in the long run. I'll take consistency over luck any day.

I strictly PVE which hopefully explains my build more.. And 90% of my PVE is STFs

I went with the MACO Deflector for stats.. I went with the Adapted Engine for the added system power and the Adapted shield for the amazing capacity.. 16,601 shield per facing is incredible on a ship like this.. Plus there is the Amazing passive that comes with the 2 piece adapted set. At the end of the day I prefer the Passive from the Adapted set over the superior MACO shield..

And unless im Shooting probes, My plasma Torps have plenty of time to get to whatever im shooting at.. And heres the beauty of it if they don't.. They'll find another target to go run into.. Its great to spam a dozen plasma torps at a Sphere in ISE.. If that sphere pops, Oh well the remaining torps go and find another Sphere to blow up..

Secondly the romulan torp has allowed me to be blow up normal Cubes in KASE quicker and easier then ever. How? Simple.. I get in a decent range.. start shooting the cube and as we all know the cube will fire a THY 3 in the first 5 seconds.. by the time my torps reach the cube they smash into the cubes THY 3 and BAM cubes down to 20% and dead in another 5 seconds.. It means i don't have to screw around and eat a heavy plasma to the face.

IMO the Rom hyper torp is the End all Torp for PVE.. Try to imagine the DPS from the dots of 5 players spamming Rom Torps. Even if the Dots were only 200 per dot ( it's higher) It stacks 5 times per player.. 5 players Equals 5,000 DPS just from the DOTS alone.. I've never watched Cubes, Tact cubes, Gates, Donatra, Any PVE ship die quicker then from a team spamming rom torps..

But I hope that there are plenty of players out there still going on about how much it sucks so Cryptic doesn't get the bright idea and Nerf it..