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01-10-2013, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by ipwn3gs View Post
If I had a dollar for every time the 'KDF bug issue' was brought up...

It really isn't fair to us, the players who would rather play KDF, for them to favor the Feds. 103% of the klink population feels the same way. Getting table scraps and whatever free time the Dev.'s have left over at the end of the day, is really lame. What's the point of having two factions if one side is completely dominate? Give the players a chance to choose what side they want to play instead of forcing them to pick the one that always wins and has the most content.
Sure the Roddenberry universe revolves around Starfleet and the Hoomans, but seriously, why do you think there are a gillion alien species in Star Trek? Outside of Asia, there is no successful MMORPG without balanced, structured, and team related pvp. Fact. The easiest way to do this is making factions.
Freaking Cryptic Studios and Perfect World need to wake up and use what works. Who cares if you have to copy WoW a little bit to make a decent game? Every gaming company has this retarded mentality that they have reinvent the genre to attract players and avoid criticism.
There is no such thing as artistic and intellectual theft, just sampling. They need to fix these bugs before I go cryptic all over their perfect world.
Hey what did you expect? KDF is treated like a red headed step child. Only thing is i'm pretty sure if they actually did something for KDF more would be willing to play KDF
The Emperor isn't please with Cryptic apparent lack of progress for the Empire. Lord Vader is on his way