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01-10-2013, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by errab View Post
The only way this Dilithium > Zen thing is a problem is if you're buying Zen to sell for Dilithium.

I think that one of the biggest factors in devaluation of Zen is the fact that Cryptic adds nothing new to the Zen store and spends all their time cranking out lock boxes.

Buying Lockbox Keys is just not something that I'd choose to waste my Zen on.

I'm currently sitting on a nice chunk of Zen and IMO its worth nothing to me because there's nothing in the Z-store that appeals enough to me to want to buy it. (Primary KDF Player)

There's no way in Hell that I'm going to convert my Zen into a free in-game currency that's needed to progress in this F2P game.

The whole Star Base system seems to be designed to pray on our natural instincts to want to come in 1st place and get everything that we want has quick has possible no matter the cost.

Wow that 8000 Dilithium a day is really slowing down my ability to progress in this F2P MMO but I can get has much Dilithium has I want if I use my real cash to buy Zen and convert it into Dilithium!

I have to admit what PWE and Cryptic has done is brilliant.

Who would have ever imagined that a freely generated in-game currency would be worth more to players than a currency that someone has to pay real money to get?

I remember when players were complaining that adding new ships and equipment to the C-Store would only open the flood gates to "Pay to Win" but now low and behold we have the almighty Lockbox that has introduced the new term "Pay to Luck Win"

If Cryptic is to continue with this almighty lockbox cash siphon it might behoove them to figure out how to tie in companion items to be placed in the Z-Store for outright purchase be it ships, consoles or weapons sets and in doing so this will help stabilize the value of Zen.

But one would have to ask the question why stabilize Zen when players seem to be perfectly happy with buying ungodly amounts of it for the sole purpose of converting it into freely generated in-game currency that only used in normal game progression.

Sure Guys I'll pay you to play this F2P game, at least it's not Pay to Win
uhm you're a veteran so it would be 9000 day assuming you use the Academy NPC that gives you another 1000 refinement
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