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01-10-2013, 10:19 AM
Um. A casting call, you say? I will try my cheeto-stained hand at it. I'm not good at this so please forgive me if I go off topic:

Lieutenant Shanda (Andorian): Julia Deitze
Lieutenant Piper (Andorian): Jeremy Renner with a beard
Lieutenant Tarayl (Trill): Chiaki Kuriyama with a shaved head
Mariachi Diabolico (Klingon): Jeremy Irons in a pirate hat
Mariachi Enfuego (Gorn): Alan Rickman with a sombrero
Mariachi Malvado (Tribble): Sigourney Weaver in a stovepipe hat
Mariachi Angus (Scottsman): Angus Macfadyan with a bowler and codpiece
Crewman Lovegood the Holodeck Janitor (Hyoo-mans): Christopher Walken

And, finally,

Khas Ker'at (Arkathian): Two Doug Joneses in a brown Cossack coat.

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