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The way I am thinking of is to get the makrks in episode mission all Romulan marks will be earned by doing those mission.Omega Marks will be earned through doing missions of the Borg and Undine.

I am not sure what the Devs were thinking and this has nothing to do with PWE.It is Cryptic that has put this on to us in putting in these random numbers which is outrages.The idea of starbases.embassies and omega/rom marks just has nothing to do with playing a Star Trek game.It is tedious and boring and could spell the death of this game 650 omega marks for type X1 borg shield is way to much.

This is even worse than Wolrd of Warcrafts grind.This is just unrealistic and asking the players to put in this much when they probably don't have it.

I have all my chars in one 3 man fleet except my sci off which is in a bigger fleet and most of those are offline most of the time.I will say that most will get sick of this as you can only get omega marks by doing 4 missons and there is turn around time of 45 min untill you can redo it.The ground missions as some have pointed out are dead.

This not a season as there is no episode play.
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