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Maggots and leeches are used for some modern medicinal applications, and Phlox does use hyposprays almost as frequently as any of the other series' doctors.
I am aware of such treatments and the large amount of animal research involved in medicine, but you aren't likely to find a hospital with a room filled with animals in little cages being used as the treatments. The SPCA would have a field day with Phlox.
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Well.... they made good bad guys. Evil anarchist time travelers have been done to death. Guys with a plan who want to subjugate not just the universe but time itself? Hehe....
Considering how xenophobic the Nazis were, that plot element was inconceivable, they might be dealing with aliens covertly but they would never have them out and about in full SS regalia. The Nazi space aliens were comical because of that absurdity.
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I have to admit all the T'Pol sex symbol hate makes me laugh though, once you consider, Uhura (or random guest of the week), Troi, and 7 of 9. You could probably make an argument for Dax (both of them) in there as well. Or maybe Kira. There has always been a sex symbol in Star Trek, its just updated for how much they can get away with during the time the show is shown. If TOS had been made now instead of the 60s, well, take a look at the movie for that.
Uhura served a purpose in an era where racial segregation was still a very hot topic in production television, miniskirts were both of the fashions of the time and because Roddenbury liked women in miniskirts, but both T'Pol and 7 of 9 were nothing more than exploited characters serving as eye candy to attract viewers of a certain demographic, they could have fulfilled their roles while clothed more conservatively but instead were garbed in tight revealing catsuits for one purpose only, cheapening the show in the process. Did I hate the characters, no I did not, but I hated what was done with them, they were just another example of the gradual dumbing down of the franchise that had taken hold in Star Trek to make it more marketable to the masses .