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01-10-2013, 11:13 AM
I for one am all for having canon starships in game. But at the same time I want to see new designs that has a clear influence from the previous starship lines.

For instance the Odyssey has a look that it was influenced by the Soverign. I would like to see more ships like this cause I dont want to make my Odyssey my "F" designation so I will skip over that one. So I would like to see more non canon starship designs that follow the flow of evolution like was done with the Odyssey.

While this is the topic I would put forward seeing a NX refit. When I say NX refit I dont mean take and make the NX a T5 ship. No I mean make a NX refit like we have the Constitution and the Constitution refit. There was four different proposed upgrades to be done if Enterprise didnt get cancled and any of those four could be picked and added in game to add a semi canon starship. Then theres other starships that are not canon that can be used.

NX-01 upgrade 1 - This upgrade has four nacelles.

NX-01 upgrade 2 - Simmilar to above but only had three nacelles, one is mounted on center line.

NX-01 upgrade 3

NX-01 upgrade 4 - this is what I feel would have been canon.

Then you dont even have to keep your ideas among yourselves, theres quite a few people out there on the links above that have created their own ideas of starships some of which are quite interested and some actually look quite canon and good.

Andromeda class

Texas class

Lunar class

I could list literally thousands of different non canon ships that others have come up with. I just hope that the devs will look through the above website cause they have ships from pre TOS all the way to TNG era`s and quite a few of the TNG era ships are such a futuristic design that they could offically be a design coming out now in game.