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01-10-2013, 11:26 AM
If someone isn't using the Vesta Aux Cannons and Vesta consoles, what is the point in flying a Vesta in the first place? For DDB/Beam/regular DHC/kinetic builds it's more effective to use Fleet versions of the Nebula, MVAE, Science Retrofit, DSSV or Recon ships. Those usually have better Boff, Turn Tate, Bonus Power, Console, and Weapon slots for those builds.

My PVE-Vesta build looks something like this:

Tac: 2x TT1, 2x CRF1, 1x APO

Sci: Polarize 1, HE1, TSS2, Tractor3, GravWell3

Eng: EPA, RevPol,

Front: 3x Aux
Rear: 2x Phaser Turret, 1x Kinetic Beam

TacConsole: 3x Phaser, 1x Vesta console*
SciConsole: 3x ParticleGen, 1x Vesta console*
EngConsole: 1x Armour*, 1x universal console*

I simply run all power to aux, point the ship at the enemy and let go. No real need to change power levels in PVE, Runabout/Tractor/Gravwell will hold them in place, EPA boosts Aux Cannon dmg and - in combination with Aux batteries - repairs disabled aux systems. The high levels in Aux also gives you a nice recharge rate on the hangar. As someone else has mentioned in a parallel thread: It's nice for lazy people.

*I usually change those consoles depending on the encounter. I have the Borg, Point Defense, Isometric, AM Spread, EPM, GravPulse, Subspace Jump and Theta Rad in my inventory on most of my chars.