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01-10-2013, 10:36 AM
+1 couldn't agree more!

This should be one of their top priority fixes. It's been an issue for me since launch.

I switch 3 different boffs when playing PvP from PvE. For the most part (but not all!) the skills of the untouched boffs remain in their original position. I always have to hunt and seek out the new skills. Not only that, but in order to ensure i have all the skills (from unmoved and new boffs) I have to open the master skills list (or whatever that is called) and go through each skill one by one. Then I have to make sure my #7 tray has the right skills for my key bindings.

Same when I switch back to PvE mode. A save-boff-skill-profile would be a very nice thing to have. Yes Mr. D. Stahl mentioned something about this (vaguely) in one of his interviews but really now, this has been, in one form or another, a bug since the beginning of this game. Why is this taking so long?