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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Also, Dilithium has never been more accessible than it has been now, yet the market is still on the lower side. This is due to the buy and sell orders that players, not Devs, want to make.


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Even with all the readditions, there's still a major difference between dilithium now and dilithium before S7: While it's easier to get your 8000 per day, it's much harder to get that first 3000 or so. Thanks to the click-to-win foundry missions and doubled up B'tran daily, it was possible to get your first 4320 dilithium in about 30 minutes per character, and the first 1440 in barely longer than the loadscreens took to log in and back out. That's how most people got their dilithium, hopping alt to alt and hitting the freebies, not hitting their freebies and then hitting the slow run up to 8000.

With the first 1000 being no harder than the last 1000 now, people aren't doing that. So the dilithium refined per log in has probably gone up, per account has probably gone down, which is the amount players can harness to buy zen.