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01-10-2013, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Nah, it's not a diss. But in the context of the OPs point about "the Dilth Econ [is] being ran by greedy over the top business execs" that I'm replying to, I feel I am correct -- it's being run by greedy players . Players set the price they are willing to trade for, and as it's been said many times, by many Devs, we do not manipulate the exchange. Sure, a new Item purchasable by ZEN or Dilithium will cause the market to fluctuate. Also, Dilithium has never been more accessible than it has been now, yet the market is still on the lower side. This is due to the buy and sell orders that players, not Devs, want to make.


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Well, not directly, but the Devs do have the ability to control how easy it is to earn dilithium.

I do not mind the dilithium economy so much, because you guys have to make your money somewhere and I think that setting up the exchange was actually a pretty clever way of doing it. What I do mind is gambling with real currency, and that is why I stopped spending money.

Still, I could see spending money if you released something in the c-store that I really wanted, like a TNG bridge pack and my stipend did not cover it. But most of what you seem to be focusing on are lottery items, or consolation prizes for those who play the lottery (id est the lobi store).

If you made those items available similar to how you made the breen ship available, or as a c-store unlock, I would probably drop some cash on them.

I like this game, but the gambling just kills me.