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Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
plus There's The 8000 Dilithium A Day (8500 If You're A Vet; And Use The Npc Refinement Doff Assignment Regularly.) At This Point, On My Main Without Even Trying Hard I Have A Constant Backlog (40 K) Of Dilithium I'll Never Be Able To Refine Unless I Take A Little Under A Week Of Entirely From Playing Sto.

Yes - Dilithium Ore Is Indeed More Plentiful And Easy To Get; But There's So Much More In Game That Take Refined Dilithium (and Nothing Really New In The Zen Based C-store); That Zen Will Be A Less Valued Commodity In Sto For Some Time Tio Come, Unless There's Some Sort Of C-store Item Explosion Coming Soon With Items The Players Actually Want.

Hell, Even The Lockbox Ship Reward Spam Is Way Down, (meaning Not Many Master Keys Being Sold/used); So, Either Sto Real-income For Cryptic/pwe Is Down Atm; Or They're Making A Mint Off Players Who Aren't Concerned With Playing The Sto In Game Market Per Se; And Buying Zen And Converting It Into Refined Dilithium At A Breakneck Pace For Starbases Or Other Items From The In-game Dilithium Stores And/or The New Reputation System.

(btw - Even With Dilithium Ore So Plentiful, I Still Need To Ask Why None Of The Main Game Story Arc Episode Content Gives Some Small Reward For Playing It. Imo It's Now A Vicious Cycle, As I'm Sure Data-mining Shows Not Many Players Play The Sto Episode Content All The Way Though, But, I'm 100% Certain That's Because There's Zero Dilithium To Be Had For Doing So, And Dilithium Acquisition Has Become One Of The Main Things To Do To Progress In Sto And Get The Really Good Endgame Gear.

I Think That Said, Because I Still Like A Lot Of The Episode Content In The Game And Would Like To See More; But Because Of The System In Place; I Don't Think We'll See A Lot Of New Episodic Content, Just More Repeatable Grind/pve Queue Ciontent That Doesn't Add Much To The Story In Sto (imo).

I Really Do Think It's Time; And You Guys Also Add A Small Dilithium Ore Reward To Your Episodic Story Mission Content [and Believe It Should Have Been That Way Since Day One Of The F2p Conversion] - How Can You Still Call Dilithium Sto's 'time-based Currency' And A Reward For Time Spent Doing Content In Game When A Big Portion [and It Was The Main Portion At Sto Launch, And Something The Kdf Faction Still Needs More Of] Of Your Prime In Game Content Reward No Dilithium Ore At All?)