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Question: how is the Fleet Norgh "super tuff and rugged" in any special way? Do the two universal LtCdr slots really open up that much defensive capability? Personally, I don't really think that being able to decloak, kill, and recloak makes it rugged, per se, just a starship assassin... which your videos show it doing a really good job of.
as a user whose tac alternates between Fleet Norgh and Hoh'sus, I can say that "Yes", the Norgh seems to have a gestalt to it that exceeds what can reasonably be expected from the stats.

Particularly in how well it survives (for a Bird of Prey).

Part of that, of course, as with ANY BoP, is due to the choice of the right Bridge Officer abilities, and part of it is the correct parts and Doffs.

But a goodly chunk of it, is just that it's a fun little ship.
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