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01-10-2013, 12:31 PM
sounds like you could fit in well with our fleet.

website: special task force unit

leadership: our fleet has three leaders: two female, and one male. the two females are college students and the male leader is always online. they're great leaders. we basically have a council system. the officers and leaders discuss an issue among themselves and members before a decision is made. it's kept things peaceful for the entire year i've been in this fleet.

voice: teamspeak 3. optional, not necessary. it's there if anyone in the fleet wants to use it for coordination or socializing.

members: everyone is comfortable with each other. we're all chill, goofy, mature, and funny. a year ago, we were strangers. today, we're all still playing together in the same fleet. our members are from america, europe, new zealand, and canada.

mentors: we have many skilled members that excel in different areas as well as general knowledge of the game. if there's one thing about this fleet, is that we look out for each other. so if there's anything you wanna ask, someone will answer in a helpful manner. basically, we all have each other's back's when we need something.

bank: anyone can deposit into the bank. but only officers can take something out. it's just a safety measure. if anyone needs something, ask an officer. there's rarely an instance they'll say no.

resources: our starbase is not mandatory contribution. there is no pressure to contribute to fleet projects. we feel that if you like the fleet and want to see the fleet resources grow, you will feel compelled to contribute. not the other way around. this kind of policy encourages loyalty among the members. it's worked out fine without problems.

friends: i've joined this group about a year ago (i'm a free-to-player). and i couldn't have asked for a better fleet to join. we're not top tier, but we're recognized by other fleets and loyal to each other. we've all come to add each other on our steam lists, given each other nicknames, make fun of each other playfully, and use our real names on occasion.

recruitment: i am not a recruiter. i just keep my eyes open for potential recruits. we recruit at least one person a month. we like to keep our fleet close and comfortable rather than large and obscure. everyone can recruit, but they are also responsible for that potential member. recruits are on a trial of a few days, max of seven days. just to see if they fit in.

if you think our fleet fits what you're looking for, i'll drop you a friend invite and invite you to our private chat channel.

good hunting.
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