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01-10-2013, 12:51 PM
Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
It is possible to get a piece of Mk XII STF gear without ever doing an elite STF with that Tier 5 reward. I also hear people that sometimes get BNPs through regular STFs. Besides I can get Mk XII STF ground gear without even touching a ground STF so the whole idea of restricting STF equipment based on activity is now moot. More ways to get Omega Marks is necessary because not everyone likes to do elite STFs or even touch them with a 10 foot pole. Adding Borg raising or any activity that would give 400 Omega Marks every few days for little content to the game would decrease the amount of afkers from actual useful content like elite STFs. I don't hear the complaints about afkers in Romulan events that I hear about in elite STFs and that is due to epohh raising.

All that needs to be done for the Romulan Marks is give an elite version of the current Romulan events since there is a wider range of methods to get Romulan Marks compared to Omega Marks..
Or how about stop wanting to afk in the first place and play the game, we do not need more AFKable content. We need devs to focus on content that is fully playable, not just click a few things go afk a few days content.

There is less Romulan missions in the pve que then borg missions, an elite version of those will not solve the problem that there is only 2 regular space missions, 1 shuttle mission and 1 ground mission that gets screwed up all the time due to difficulty of 20 people working together. There is 6 borg pve que missions that have both normal and elite versions, thus there is way more ways to earn Omega then Romulan. We need at least 2 or 3 new Romulan Space and ground pve que missions that would be harder then the current ones even on normal and would reward comparable marks and dil to stf. New Romulus has to give more marks to.

Some of us don't want to touch Epohhs with a ten foot pole and don't want to go to New Romulus or Tau Dewa until they give a decent way to earn marks there without epohh.