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01-10-2013, 01:55 PM
To alleviate some of the "buying x, then xi, then xii" they could offer an upgrade option, say 70% off from what the previous item cost while requiring that item as part of the upgrade (and destroying it).

The numbers:

Item X = 20,000 ec (worth of commodities)
Item X = 15,000 dil
Item X = 500 marks

Item XI = 40,000 ec (worth of commodities)
Item XI = 30,000 dil
Item XI = 1000 marks

Item XI (upgraded) = 30,000 ec
Item XI (upgraded) = 20,000 dil
Item XI (upgraded) = 700 marks
Item XI (upgraded) requires Item X

This will reward patient players that save up their marks and dil on item sets and encourage people to go through the system instead of flying through to T5 without running any other projects.

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