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01-10-2013, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by hithereyou View Post
Hi All,

Here's an update.

We've tried internally reproducing the problem on two different pieces of Intel hardware (HD3000 & 4000, IIRC), on two drivers, with no luck. I've made some speculative changes to disable new GPU profiling code that might be causing problems with the new drivers. We've asked Intel for help, but until we can repro the problem we're kind of stuck, especially since it's resetting the display driver, instead of giving us a crash report. Reading through the threads, I noticed some posters discussing an October driver, and when I checked Intel's download driver site, it looked like a different version than what I tested. We're going to give that a shot, but all of our programmers are fully booked. We've been giving CS updates to communicate to the customers, but when there's pages and pages of posts in multiple threads, it can be hard to get the message out. I'll be posting in the thread I've linked above.

Until we can get an idea of what is wrong, and work with Intel to get a fix, rolling back the driver might help, as indicated in this thread. I noticed there is also a December driver update, and you could try that, but I haven't tested it.

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