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01-10-2013, 02:30 PM
Most cruisers/sci ships tanking ability way out surpasses escorts. Eps 3 gives you 30% reduced damage for 30 seconds escorts cant have that they have 1 which gives 18%... most cruisers can have 2 copies of 3. tss reduces damage on top of that, cruisers and sci ships can have 2 copies of that plus it heals shields great, escorts are limited on the ability to run both those. Then you have the resistance consoles you can stack on cruisers more shield ones ect escorts can stack damage ones to counter those. its a give and take system. Not to mention all the hull heals you can stack on cruisers and sci ships vs escorts.

Defense bonus to escorts kinda evens out the field. The more powerful escorts like the jem attack ship have low shields 10k with the maco and a mkxii field gen my sci ship yea 21k and I can get it to go higher but it is not needed. Defense bonus; the escorts have 10% more than the other ships plus can run a omega both have evasive not much of a bonus vs tank abilities. Omega 3 gives +44.9 defense for 5 seconds... 5 seconds omg wow. With attack pat doffs if you spam it (counting that the other team has no hold abilities) you can have high defense for 5 sec every 30 sec learn to time attacks or force them to use it. Next evasive +15 is all I get from mine on my escort for 8 seconds, if time both you can be hard to hit (not imposable mind you for) 13 seconds. I still kill lots of people when they using omega or evasive most usually are using them to try to get out and still go boom.

Only reason the premades try to get people to use omega is not cause the defense bonus its for some of the other things omega does vs tactics used to get kills through the heals the sci ships and cruisers give off.

I still don't see where people are coming from saying escorts can tank as well as the other ships or sit there and take damage as well as the others. I say test this vs good players not just random pugs in a c&h. even one of thissler videos showed him using mediocre gear on a sci ship using a mediocre tank build tanking out a bop probably with good gear on it.