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Originally Posted by sharxtreme View Post
In one CSE STF yesterday one guy had combat log on and he linked the results of match.
I was in new toon, lvl 50 for 2 days and got 1st place with 3.9 mill damage with 6.5k DPS in common Advanced escort with MKXI weapons amd consoles doing solo kang guard duty in MRRMLL tactic.
BUT i had very low healing.
Other guy in Atrox had 1.5mill damage and 12.5 mill healing which he used on himself with transfer shield strength, repair drones and hazard emitters i presume.

So that formula, damage plus healing would be broken beacuse healing accounts for self heals.
It is enough to have threat control, a carrier with repair drones and engage in stationary AoE attacks to beat anyone if healing is counted.
Players with less damage per kill(which is great) and more kills(which is even better) would get smaller rewards then a cruiser, or heavy sci with threat control+high healing+beam FAW+gravity well for example.

So that system would be completely broken.
As for AFKers, i mostly see them in all Romulan missions, PvP and rarely STF.
Azure nebula is worst, because it seems that no matter how much you do, or how many scimitars spawn, you always get max 18 rom marks except when rep event is active.
AFKers there really dont need to contribute to get the SAME rewards.
PvP is even worse because doing nothing finishes the game faster then actually fighting which is used by many ppl. Just queue in any fed pvp and see how many ppl actually fight.

Kick for inactivity is only solution for leechers.
Most MP games have it.
-if you need to get AFK you shouldn't complain that you got kicked from game automaticaly.
-i you're "AFK", ie leeching , it is right thing for game to kick you for inactivity.
An easy fix for the above situation is to evaluate damage and healing ratio's separately, then add them together in the end for a final average. This still gives both numbers equal weight for determining rewards:

Player's Average Performance = (Player Damage ratio + Player Healing Ratio) / 2

Player Damage Ratio = Player's Damage Total / Match Damage Total

Player Healing Ratio = Player's Healing Total / Match Healing Total


Player's Average Performance = ((Player's Damage Total / Match Damage Total) + (Player's Healing Total / Match Healing Total)) / 2

So if a Player deals 20% of the total damage and 10% of the total healing, then he can expect 15% of the match's total reward pay-out.

I can see the above being a problem if one person is so over-geared and over-skilled above everyone else that he carries the team and gets rewarded well above the rest.

If the scaled rewards option is not wanted, then the formula above and still be used to identify not only AFK'ers, but outright leechers as well. Both will be very hard pressed into getting above 1% without doing anything. I would actually lean closer to 2% as the performance cut-off before flagging someone an outright leecher / AFK'er since each player is supposed to be around 20% in a 5-man match. Those not making the cut-off value get no loot.

Since all of this is automated and updated at real time, AFKer's and Leechers have to keep playing to continue getting loot drops.