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Could we PLEASE get more difficult STFs with some kind of access limitation?

I mean I really really try to explain to people how to do the STF missions and stuff but it seems like some dont even have the chat window opend and just ruin it for everyone else.

Especially INTO THE HIVE often just ends with me leaving after the Queen ship regenerating again and again to full health cause people dont watch out for keeping at least one player alive to avoid that.

Another problem is that lots of people jut dont do enough dmg to really help in completing the mission. I mean people doing like 500-1000 dps when I do 10k dps or more is just hopeless. With enough good other player you can compensate for that but in the end it would be nice to put some restrictions on the amount of dps someone should have before being allowed into elite stfs.

And by adding ultra elite STFs with some higher dps requirement and also having completed all elite stfs optionals and well higher live values sphere numbers and so on.

This would be really nice because elite stfs got kind of boring and it would just keep at least some people out of instances for which they are just not good enough. (their ships and equipment, not necessarily the player himself)